We Grow Michigan Native Trees

Deer at Dexter Tree Farm

The deer like the tree farm, too.

We believe that trees that are native to Michigan will be the easiest to grow in Michigan. In addition, they will be the trees most likely to fit well into the Michigan ecosystem.

Because of this we focus our efforts on providing the trees that were dominant in this area before our ancestors settled here, primarily Oak and Hickory along with Black Walnuts.

We grow these trees from seeds that have been collected in Michigan, usually within 30 miles of our farm in Dexter.

Our current inventory includes several different varieties of Oak trees, White Pines and White Spruces, We have some Prairie Fire Crabapples that we planted before our vision was as clear.

Since these trees did not evolve in a world where transplanting was a part of their existence, we grow them using a system which has been developed to make them easier to replant called the RootMaker System.

Learn more about how we grow trees with the RootMaker System to make them easier to replant.