2015 Growing Season – Our Eighth Season

2015 at Dexter Tree Farm

Early in the spring I asked the company that maintained the corn stove in our house if they would install a chimney on the new larger wood stove in the expanded greenhouse.  They had already cleaned the existing chimney on the smaller stove and said that they would install the new one.

When I called to arrange a time to install it they referred me to another company that was doing their chimney installs.  The new people came out to survey the site and gave me an estimate then proceeded to drop out of site.  After a long period of broken appointments followed by their complete disappearance I went back to the corn stove people who told me they had also lost touch with them.  Finally I learned that the two brothers running the company had a falling out that resulted in the end of the company.

By this time we were late getting started.  I found a chimney installer who installed a very elegant chimney for considerably more but at least I was on my way to getting started with spring planting.  The final chimney to vent the propane heater that kept things warm when the wood stove burned out before we got there in the morning.

Then I had an electrician rewire the greenhouse.  He added overhead lighting an several outlets in addition to connecting the fan and louvers and controls for the propane stove.

Finally we went to work planting the few varieties of oaks that we had managed to collect seed for the previous fall.  We also purchased 150 evergreen seedlings to plant in grounder pots.

We go good production of the few varieties of oak that we had gathered last fall.  Most plentiful are the White Oaks followed by the Red Oaks then Bur Oaks.  We utilized spaces where trees planted in 2011 had died to infill with the three varieties of oaks. Finally we extended the fence near the greenhouse and planted the rest of the trees in grounder pots.  New trees totaled about 400.

Fall seed gathering went well with both quantities and varieties substantially higher than last year. In addition to Oaks and Hickories we added White Pines, White Spruce, Frasier Fir, and Redbud.

We finished the year with our traditional Christmas tree sale.  The Frasier Firs that we have planted are not quite large enough to sell yet so sales were disappointing.

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