Hardwood trees for sale

Rootmaker Oaks in the fall of 2011

Rootmaker Oaks in the fall of 2011

We grow native nut trees and other native hardwoods in Rootmaker bags.  Most are grown from seed gathered in Washtenaw and Jackson counties.

We use Rootmaker bags that come in a variety of sizes.  Larger bags allow trees to grow to a larger size before planting.

Trees in smaller bags are ready to transplant at an earlier age and are therefore less expensive and easier to transplant.

Trees in Rootmaker Grounder pots are the smallest, least expensive and easiest to transport and plant.  We call them “Plant it Yourself Trees”

We are currently using Grounder pots, 14”  and 18” bags.

Trees on Grounder pots can grow to 1 1/2 inche diameter
Trees in 14” bags can grow to 2 inch diameter
Trees in 18” bags can grow to 3 inch diameter

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