2019 at Dexter Tree Farm

We started the season with a sale of 26 trees to a customer that needed them to pass muster on their new building. We ended the season with the sale of 21 White Pines.

A customer looked at our Red Osier Dogwoods and indicated an interest in buying all 50 of them. And finally, a customer that had been unable to find a tree moving company found one and we were able to complete her order.


We’re starting the year off well with interest from multiple buyers.

Last fall, the weather put an early end to our construction. This spring, we need to finish installing the Rootmaker bags that we couldn’t finish last year and plant the rest of the seedlings that have survived.

We have had little or no success keeping the seedling that don’t get planted in the fall alive through the winter. This year, I decided to move these small trees that were left over into our greenhouse for the winter to keep them warmer.  I have also kept them watered and hope to see them growing little green leaves soon.

We also have to finish installing the fence around the large Paddock that we started last year. After we’re done with all of that, we’ll be ready to plant the trees in the spring or early summer that we usually plant in the late summer or early fall.