How we grow trees using the RootMaker® System

The RootMaker System uses a very special container.

The RootMaker System uses a very special container.

We grow selected fine hardwood trees for sale to local home owners and other interested parties  We chose the RootMaker® System of growing trees from seed in air root pruning pots and finishing them in the ground using root pruning “Grow Bags.”

This method provides a tree that transplants with up to 90% of its total root mass and therefore has a minimum of transplant shock.  It also does a good job of managing the tap root until the tree is planted in its final location.

For this reason we have decided to focus on trees that have hard to manage tap roots and that tend to be slow to establish after transplanting.  Among these are many of the Oaks and Hickories.

The RootMaker® System as we use it has a four stages

  • First we plant seeds in small root pruning pots in the early spring.
  • In mid-summer we transplant the small trees into medium sized root pruning pots for further growth.
  • In the early fall, we plant the trees in the ground in Knit Grow Bags or Grounder Pots
  • In subsequent years we water the trees, control weeds, and do a little pruning until they are ready for market.
Young trees growing in the RootMaker System

Young trees growing in the RootMaker System.


In addition to the trees grown using the RootMaker® System, we have quantities of White Spruce, White Pines, Kentucky Coffee Trees, and Black Oaks that are being field grown.  Smaller sizes are available in containers and larger ones are available as direct transplants.

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Here is a video with more details about root growth using the Rootmaker method:

About Michigan Native Trees

We believe that trees that are native to Michigan will be the easiest trees to grow in Michigan.  In addition, they will be the trees most likely to fit well into the Michigan ecosystem.

For these reasons, we focus mainly on Michigan native trees and where possible we grow these trees from seed that has been collected in Michigan, usually within 30 miles of our farm.